Maine's green standard for electronics recycling.

Collection Event Schedule

eWaste Recycling Solutions partners with local charitable and school organizations from spring though fall to provide you with convenient locations to recycle all of your used electronic devices. If you represent a non-profit group or would like to see a collection event held in your community, please email for more information.

Date Collection  Time Location Address

9/10/16 Waterville 9-2pm American Legion Hall 21 College Street, Waterville, ME
9/17/16 Bangor 9-1pm Challenger Learning Center 30 Venture Way, Bangor, ME
9/17/16 Hallowell 9-1pm Camden National Bank Ice Vault 203 Whitten Road, Hallowell, ME 
9/24/16 Gorham 9-1pm Gorham Chick Drive, Gorham, ME
9/24/16 Belfast 9-2pm Belfast Public Works 115 Congress Street, Belfast, ME
10/1/16 Augusta 9-3pm Augusta Civic Center 76 Community Drive, Augusta, ME
10/1/16 Skowhegan** 9-2pm Skowhegan Transfer Station 225 Water Street, Skowhegan, ME
10/8/16 Rockland 9-3pm Old DMV 212 New County Road, Rockland, ME
10/15/16 Windham  9-2pm Windham Shopping Center 795 Roosevelt Trail, Windham, ME
10/15/16 Winslow** 8-3pm Winslow Transfer Station 135 Halifax Street, Winslow, ME
11/5/16 Scarborough 9-1pm Scarborough High School 11 Municipal Drive, Scarborough, ME 
11/12/16 Dresden** 9-4pm Dresden Transfer Station 375 Middle Road, Dresden, ME 

Resident Only Collection Events**


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